• Facebook Marketing
    • Topics:
    • (i) A Professional Facebook Page Create and Setup
    • (ii) Knowledge about Facebook All Settings, Policy and Privacy 
    • (iii) SEO Friendly Professional Video upload in Facebook
    • (iii) Facebook Free Marketing with Group and Others and how to create Facebook Group and Group Activities Tips.
    • (iv) Facebook Boosting
    • (v) What is Facebook Ads Manager, how to create Ads Manager Account, How to add Payment methods.
    • (vi) Facebook Ads Campaign
    •  Knowledge About 
    • (i) Recommendation
    • (ii) Monetization and how to apply it
    • (iii) Support inbox
    • (iv) Facebook Support team communication with chatting with them
    • (v) Facebook Policy violation, issue and restriction remove procedures
  •     (B) What is Chatbot ? How to Make a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram           and Instagram.
  •     (C)Facebook Follower and Watchtime Method.
  •     (D) Facebook Sharing Setup Full Course (Network setup, Device Setup and Content upload time fixing and related Class)

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