• Facebook Marketing
    • Topics:
    • (i) A Professional Facebook Page Create and Setup
    • (ii) Knowledge about Facebook All Settings, Policy and Privacy 
    • (iii) SEO Friendly Professional Video upload in Facebook
    • (iii) Facebook Free Marketing with Group and Others and how to create Facebook Group and Group Activities Tips.
    • (iv) Facebook Boosting
    • (v) What is Facebook Ads Manager, how to create Ads Manager Account, How to add Payment methods.
    • (vi) Facebook Ads Campaign
    •  Knowledge About 
    • (i) Recommendation
    • (ii) Monetization and how to apply it
    • (iii) Support inbox
    • (iv) Facebook Support team communication with chatting with them
    • (v) Facebook Policy violation, issue and restriction remove procedures
  •     (B) What is Chatbot ? How to Make a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram           and Instagram.
  •     (C)Facebook Follower and Watchtime Method.
  •     (D) Facebook Sharing Setup Full Course (Network setup, Device Setup and Content upload time fixing and related Class)
  •     (E)Facebook Fixel Setup.



  • Introduction to Instagram Marketing
  • Understanding the Importance of Instagram in Marketing
  • Setting Goals for Instagram Marketing Campaigns
  • How to create a Instagram Account
  • Increase Followers
  • Promoting a Post
  • Manage Account (Creating Post)
  • Hash Tag Research
  • How to Increase Follower
  • How to create a Post
  • Hash Tag Research
  • Engaging with Followers
  • Responding to Comments and DMs
  • Creating Shareable Content
  • Strategies for Building Trust and Loyalty
  • How to increase Instagram Follower Organically
  • Introduction to Instagram Ads
  • Setting Up Instagram Ad Campaigns




  •            (C) YouTube Marketing
  •       (i) YouTube Channel Create and Customization
  •       (ii) Professional and Attractive Channel Art, Logo and Watermark design
  •       (iii) A Professional Video upload(Practical) and Make Thumbnail, i button setup and          scheduling or publish the video content 
  •      (iv) YouTube Video and Channel SEO 
  •  Knowledge about
  • (i) Channel Description 
  • (ii) Channel Hash Tag(#)
  • (iii) Channel Keyword setup
  • (iv) Video Title, Description and tag with SEO Tools)
  • (D) YouTube Channel Subscriber and Watch Time Method


Module 1: Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing

  • Understanding the Role of LinkedIn in Digital Marketing
  • Overview of LinkedIn Features and Audience Demographics
  • Setting Objectives for LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

Module 2: Creating an Optimized LinkedIn Profile

  • Setting Up a Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • Crafting a Compelling Headline and Summary
  • Optimizing Profile Keywords for Searchability
  • Adding Media and Recommendations

Module 3: Leveraging LinkedIn Content Strategy

  • Types of Content on LinkedIn (Posts, Articles, Videos)
  • Developing a Content Strategy Tailored for LinkedIn
  • Creating Engaging and Relevant Content
  • Utilizing LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Module 4: Building and Engaging with Your Network

  • Growing Your LinkedIn Connections
  • Engaging with Your Network through Likes, Comments, and Shares
  • Joining and Participating in LinkedIn Groups
  • Utilizing LinkedIn Messaging for Outreach and Networking

Module 5: LinkedIn Advertising Basics

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads (Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads)
  • Setting Up LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
  • Targeting Options and Audience Segmentation
  • Understanding LinkedIn Ad Performance Metrics

Module 6: Using LinkedIn for Thought Leadership

  • Establishing Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert
  • Publishing Thought Leadership Content on LinkedIn
  • Participating in LinkedIn Discussions and Q&A Sessions
  • Showcasing Your Expertise through Recommendations and Endorsements

Module 7: Recruiting and Employer Branding on LinkedIn

  • Utilizing LinkedIn for Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
  • Building and Optimizing a Company Page
  • Showcasing Company Culture and Values
  • Running Sponsored Job Postings and Recruitment Ads

Module 8: LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

  • Leveraging LinkedIn for B2B Sales and Lead Generation
  • Building and Nurturing Relationships with Decision Makers
  • Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting
  • Creating and Sharing Relevant Content for Target Accounts

Module 9: Measuring LinkedIn Marketing Success

  • Understanding LinkedIn Analytics Metrics
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators (Impressions, Clicks, Engagement)
  • Using Analytics to Refine Your Strategy
  • Utilizing Third-Party Analytics Tools for Advanced Insights

Module 10: LinkedIn for Content Syndication and Distribution

  • Repurposing Content for LinkedIn Audience
  • Leveraging LinkedIn SlideShare for Presentations
  • Sharing Blog Posts and Articles on LinkedIn
  • Maximizing Reach through Employee Advocacy Programs

Module 11: Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

  • Cross-promotion with Other Social Media Platforms
  • Leveraging LinkedIn Live and Events
  • Utilizing LinkedIn Polls and Surveys for Audience Engagement
  • Keeping Up with LinkedIn Algorithm Changes

Module 12: Case Studies and Success Stories

  • Analyzing Successful LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns
  • Learning from Industry Leaders and Influencers
  • Applying Insights to Your Own LinkedIn Strategy

Module 13: Final Project and Certification

  • Developing a LinkedIn Marketing Plan
  • Presenting the Plan and Receiving Feedback
  • Certificate of Completion for Mastering LinkedIn Marketing

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